How long have you been in the college tour business?

Our first college tour kicked off in 1999 and we’ve given spectacular tours ever since.

Can parents attend?

For the sake of space, all tours are dedicated to students only. Parents may be in touch with their student daily to discuss their findings and opinions on each school. Alternatively, The Cast and Crew Customized team can arrange a tour that is similar to one of our listed tours or completely tailored to circuit preferred schools. The entire family can attend a customized tour!

Are there strict safety/code of conduct rules in place?

We have rules in place, that when followed, make for an extremely safe and enjoyable tour. We rarely split up but on the occasion that we do, we ask that no one EVER walk away without their partner pack of THREE. ALL AGES are asked to abide by this rule. Opposite genders visiting rooms, inappropriate language, being rude (to staff, speakers or participants), unpleasantness as determined by CCCT staff will be cause for immediate dismissal without a refund and incurred expenses by the participant/family.

What is and is not included in each college tour?

Refer to the bottom of each tour page. Customized tours will be created to the traveler’s specifications.

What is the rooming situation like while on tour?

Depending on what time of year we tour, tours may consist of staying in hotels, dorms, or both. There are two to four in a room. Please contact the office if a single bed or room is required.

Do I have an advantage in the college application process if I take a college tour?

The advantage is knowing, in greater detail, what you are applying for. This additional research can be applied to what you write about in your essays. In some cases, after speaking with students and staff, applicants obtain a more clear understanding of the application/audition process. Ultimately, the factors of strong repertoire choices, strong audition skills, and/or a strong portfolio will determine the final outcome of acceptances.

What is the best age or grade to take a college tour?

Our college tours are perfect for students entering the 10th grade and who are at least 14 years old. It is important for a 10th-grade student to understand their mission and what is required to achieve it. We also change the schools we tour, so a few years dedicated to touring may be necessary for students to make the best decision.

Are you members/affiliates of any organizations?

Our staff is trained to the standards of the American Camp Association. We are members of the DTASC (Drama Teachers Association of Sothern California). Our company and required staff holds all Bonds and Permits required by the State of California to consult and train children within California’s film industry.

What is the tour registration deadline?

Some tours have sold out up to a year in advance. Sometimes we are able to add additional groups but with Cast and Crew Customized, this may not be possible. DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are 90% refundable until 120 days or less prior to the tour, 50% refundable 90 days or less prior to the tour date, and NO refunds 45 days or less prior to the tour date.