If you are a student of performing and media arts, you are likely to face a number of challenges during your college search. To help you out, we have discussed a few things you should look for in performing and media art departments before making a final decision – so, let’s get started then shall we?

The Application Process

Besides filling out a typical college application, students of performing and visual arts are typically required to prepare an audition or portfolio. Each college will have different requirements, which you can find listed on their website and in their brochures. Remember, although an audition or portfolio is an integral part of the application, test scores and academic records are considered by many arts programs. Moreover, most colleges also consider whether the artist has worked in their first years, along with their academic achievements.

The Facilities

Art students must also take a look at the college’s practice rooms or studio space, computer resources, exhibit as well as performance venues on campus and any other resources related to your specific field of study. Also, make sure to ask how accessible these resources are to the students because let’s face it – attractive studios are of no use if they aren’t accessible to go around.

Internship Opportunities

Another important consideration you need to make is: does the college have connections with other companies? This is extremely important because most students of performing and visual arts are required to complete a specific number of internship hours as a part of their degree program. In addition, you would want to enroll in a college that offers internship opportunities.

A Good Fit

Finally, just like any other student, performing and visual students should look for a college that best suits their goals, personality and interests. For instance, if you are an actor, avoid schools that are primarily stage-focused if pursuing film is your goal. Make sure that there are good opportunities to audition for student films. Alternatively, if you are excited about studying filmmaking, you need to consider what type of equipment is available, the policy on its use and whether or not it’s state-of-the-art. The Cast and College Tour crew wants all participants to keep in mind that no matter how wonderful the college may be, finding a good fit for you is crucial. We are here to make sure this happens!