Cast and Crew College Tours is an essential experience for students aiming for a career in the entertainment industry. 


Our intensive career and college assessment workshops are critical to fulfill long-term objectives in a staggeringly competitive industry. 

The time spent on each campus is finely focused on exploring the departments dedicated to stage and screen studies


Entertainment Industry Careers


Acting     Cinematography/Videography

Costume Design    Directing    Stage/Screenwriting

Sound, Lighting and Scenic Design/Production

Film/TV Production     Theater Studies

Career Workshops and Activities Covered on Every Tour:

  • Workshop: How to decide on a college
  • Workshop: Understanding entry requirements.
  • Workshop: How to build a strong portfolio
  • Workshop: Career assessment- What education path could fulfil your dream destination
  • Discussion: Current/alum students and/or teachers provide an in-depth school and community overview
  • Tour: walk the areas of campus dedicated to stage and/or screen majors
  • FUN: We see the sites and have a blast cramming in as much fun over the course of the tour


"I took two tours and both broadened my horizons. I am now a freshman screenwriting major in the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University."Hunter (student). Los Angeles, California - Chapman University
"My daughter would never have considered her choice if it were it not for the college tour, and she - and we - are thrilled with her choice!"Kelly S. (Mom). Lake Tahoe, California - Chapman University
"Exceptional support. I am not from the USA but I have always wanted to attend an American university. I feel like I have family here. My family back home is happy I have support here as well."Farrah D. (student). Fez, Morraco - USC
"My daughter thought she knew what school she wanted to attend but because of this well-rounded and informative tour, she fell in love with a totally different school."Ariel A. (Mom). St. Augustine, Florida - UCLA
"Your tour helped tremendously. My son is currently enrolled and thriving at NYU! Thank you for leading him through such a hard decision and to a place he has called home."Joffery R.(Dad). Dubai UAE - NYU- Tish School of the Arts
"Our family never would have known APU if it were not for your program. I don’t think it would have been on my daughters radar, EVER. The tour experience was an on-going inspiration to do be her best in H.S."Millie R. (Mom). Baltimore, Maryland - Azusa Pacific University
"First, the tour was a blast! I made so many friends and the counselors were so much fun. I am in the 11th grade so I am going to use the excuse to attend another tour to help with my decision. It’s been a fun process!"Lily E. (student). Burbank, Ca - Undecided