Our fully guided California State and College Road Trip begins in San Francisco and ends in southern California.  During this exciting, fun filled adventure, we’ll travel 700-miles of coastline to explore popular universities and tourist attractions. 

This tour includes an online parent workshop on applying to and AFFORDING college in the USA.

If the participant is seeking a career in motion picture, television, stage or set/costume design, California has an abundance of opportunities.   

We explore UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE programs, therefore, the suggested age for this tour is 15 to 25.


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    March 22nd – April 1st 2020

    April 12th – April 22nd 2020

    July 19th – July 29th 2020



    • Pre-arranged discussion for parents with our ‘Study in the USA Specialist’; How to afford and when/how to apply to schools in the USA.
    • Day One- Arrive in San Francisco / Tour the city: Fisherman’s Warf, Lombard St. Golden Gate Bridge, China Town Begin English Travel Journal. Practice social interaction (greetings and questions/answers) end of day group discussion.
    • Day Two- Berkley and San Francisco State University campus tours / Free time at Union Square Travel Journal Assignment- Students write words to describe the college visit. Evening Group Activity- Practice sentence structure game using new words
    • Day Three- Early bus to Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz Campus Tour / College Essay Workshop / Monterey Aquarium Students take pictures of 10 of things they do not know how to say in English for the evening discussion. Evening Group Activity- Students discuss and vote on most interesting word, least favorite word, craziest word, etc
    • Day Four- Early bus to Solvange for bike ride and city tour / UC Santa Barbara Campus Tour / Evening out in Santa Barbara Early morning lesson to read and understand road signs. Journal to describe the beautiful bike ride. Evening Group Activity- Challenging dinner conversation with native English speakers
    • Day Five- Early bus to Cal Arts for campus tour / Move into our last hotel in Los Angeles / Alumni Visit and Virtual Campus Tours of Cal State Fullerton, UC Irvine and Loyola Marymount Travel Journal Assignment- Students structure challenging sentences to describe their college visits. Evening Group Activity- Scrabble and Charade Games
    • Day Six- Disneyland Amusement Park Social Challenge- Students are encouraged to ask questions, order food and say hello to Disney workers. They are required to use an English Disneyland Map to find their way around the park.
    • Day Seven- Morning rest / Evening Bus to USC for tour/ Successful Actors, Filmmakers and Screenwriters guest lecturers Travel Journal Assignment- Students structure sentences to describe their college. Evening Group Activity- Students structure one sentences for the special guest.
    • Day Eight- Bus to UCLA for Tour / Santa Monica Pier Students complete a crossword game form to identify more difficult words and phrases Evening Group Activity- Discuss and Debate on the schools we have seen so far
    • Day Nine- Bus to Chapman University for Tour / Rest or shopping Travel Journal Assignment- Students structure sentences to describe their college and shopping experience. Evening Group Activity- English Sing-Along Movie
    • Day Ten- Universal Studios Hollywood Amusement Park /  Late Goodbye Party Social Challenge- Students are encouraged to ask questions, order food and say hello to Universal workers. They are required to use an English Universal Studio’s Map to find their way around the park.
    • Day Eleven- Goal Setting, Questions and Goodbye to California…. for now! Return back to home airports Early morning lesson- Read favorite journal entries and final help with challenging areas of learning English. Forms and resources to offered to students for continued practice.

    13 to 18, or the last few years of High School

    YES. One, two or three payments are common.

    YES. Airfare is included and we travel to and from the USA together.

    No,We focus on the stage and screen university departments and entertainment focused occupations.

    YES, we always guarantee friends stay connected.