Theater and film industry jobs are highly competitive- there is NO getting around that fact. A good education is the best way to prepare yourself and increase your chances in that job market. With so many talented individuals contending for each job, you need to set yourself apart from the others, and choosing a good major is the first step to getting prepared. This is a short overview of offerings by most colleges that Cast and Crew College Tours will visit:

Stage College Majors

Bachelor of Arts

This will offer concentrations in general theater studies, acting, directing, design/technical theater and dramatic writing. Students can also consider taking additional classes beyond the degree’s requirements in order to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills.

Bachelors of Fine Arts

This degree offers breadth and flexibility as it combines creative experiences in performance making with theoretical studies that will connect you with contemporary performance in a range of theatre forms. You will be able to choose from disciples that include music, creative writing, and visual arts.

Master of Arts

This provides students with a background of dramatic literature, theater history as well as theory and criticism. You get to explore creative areas such as directing, dramaturgy, design and playwriting. A thesis is typically required for the completion of the Master of Arts degree.

Master of Fine Arts

This is the terminal credential in many areas of theater. Typical areas of study include theater management, theater for youth, theatrical design, playwriting and theater technology. As with a Master of Arts degree, a thesis is typically required for the completion of the Master of Fine Arts degree.

Doctor of Philosophy

This is the primary degree for college-level teaching, although you can pursue teaching with a master’s in some areas of theater. It typically involves both a major research project and course work, leading to careers in college teaching as well as research.

Screen College Majors

Bachelor of Film Production

This course will provide students with hands-on education regarding a range of electives including directing and production design, producing, editing, and cinematography. You will also explore screen distribution and screen production to learn about finding audiences and support for your work.

Master of Film Production

In film production, you learn about technical equipment such as sound, editing and lighting software and operating cameras. You may also learn production planning and writing for film. Typical areas of study include studio television production, animation, screen writing, sound production, directing and cinematography.

Master of Film Studies

Also referred to as cinema studies, this degree is more about the understanding and exploration of iconic films. You will write research papers on many famous films and discuss how they affect and resemble society. Typical areas of study include film theory, acting, directing, and film technology.

Master of Animation

This degree will teach you about the basics of film. You learn skills such as script writing, planning, animation, editing and learning technical equipment. Typical areas of study include story boarding, 3-D modeling and animation, sound design digital character animation, introduction to studio and film, drawing as well as interactive media.

As you can see, you can pursue many stage and screen college majors. Since each major has something different and prepares you for a specific field or job, it is important to choose one that suits your interests and prepares you for success!